1. Abstract

The Advanced Project is a payment and remittance service that integrates next-generation technologies such as blockchain, big data, and AI for financially excluded populations in Africa, Southeast Asia, and other regions.
AUC consists of platforms such as payment/remittance, identity authentication, blockchain, and big data analysis, which are organically linked to provide a safer, faster, and more accurate digital financial solution.
Figure 1. AUC Total Financial Solutions

Payment Railway

  • A platform for simple payment and domestic/overseas remittance (transfer) with very low fees compared to existing credit card fees.
  • As customers use the platform, their loyalty and credit rating can be measured (Big Data Analysis) to provide rewards and services such as small loans.
  • Future compatibility with IC cards and gift certificates for offline use is also being pursued.


  • Can manage identity authentication, transactions, credit ratings, and supports overseas remittances linked to Payment Railway.
  • Also provides Digital Currency and Swap features to support easy trading of various coins already issued.
  • Since these functions cannot be forged or tampered with, more secure services can be provided.

Big Data Analysis

  • Using various information from customers using our platform (deposits, withdrawals, transfers, transactions, etc.), we analyze their loyalty and lifestyle patterns using transaction volume, average balance, transfer trends, etc.
  • Provides customer-specific recommendation services based on lifestyle pattern analysis.
  • In addition, measured loyalty is used for providing lower fees and more rewards.

Decentralized Identification

  • Introduces a blockchain identity authentication system to enable platform users to use the service more safely.
  • Various information required for identity authentication, such as KYC and FICA, can be managed without tampering.
※ The service plans to cooperate with various institutions and companies through close collaboration with the country as an independent identity authentication service in the future.

Cash Digitization

  • Enables easy deposit for those who are excluded in the financial sector, such as those who lack birth registration or immigrant workers.
  • Our cash deposit-only machine is also placed in areas where there are not many bank branches, increasing the utilization rate of the platform.
Here's how Advanced Project impact the existing financial system.
  • Customers are provided with easy payment and remittance services, cost savings through various rewards, and reduction of existing payment fees to increase satisfaction.
  • Merchants are provided with a free app for store payments instead of the traditional costly POS device, attracting potential customers to use TIER services, and generating more revenue through reduced fees.
  • Provides banks with new customer acquisition effects such as attracting customers and issuing cards based on the credit data of financially excluded populations using the AUC financial platform.
Figure 2. Advanced Project Effectiveness
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