6. Roadmap

2023 Q3

  • Integration of AUC Coin within the TIER app.
  • Integration of en-Cash within South African merchants.
  • Initiation of en-Cash ATM service development.
  • IFWG Sandbox testing for remittance services in South Africa and the Africa region.
  • Expansion of en-Cash and AUC acceptance to additional African countries.
  • Integration of security solutions to enhance stability.
  • Initiation of TIER facial recognition payment solution development.
  • Initiation of service development within the TIER app, tentatively named 'ChatenAi' (AI avatar chat service).

2023 Q4

  • Launch of TIER app version 2.0.
  • Construction of a big data analysis system based on TIER data.
  • Beta testing of micro-loan services based on TIER data.
  • Opening of AUC blockchain testnet.
  • Introduction of a utility bill payment system (BaaS) allowing payment with en-Cash or AUC for electricity, water, etc.
  • Launch of Mandela Foundation Archive NFT project.
  • Launch of TIER facial recognition payment solution.

2024 Q1&Q2

  • Launch of micro-loan services based on TIER's big data.
  • Completion of expanded AUC reward functionality.
  • Launch of AUC mainnet.
  • Application of en-Cash within East Asian merchants (Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar).
  • Provision of an electronic commerce cryptocurrency payment system in Africa.
  • Expansion of O2O (Online-to-Offline) business.
  • Expansion of remittance services to additional regions.
  • Development of ENNOVA NFT platform.

2024 Q3&Q4

  • AI and big data development.
  • Provision of personal credit information.
  • Provision of services based on personal credit data.
  • Continuous global merchant expansion using AUC and en-Cash.
  • Support for interoperability with multiple blockchains on the AUC mainnet.
  • Adoption of green technologies for carbon emissions reduction and development of sustainable business models.