5. AUC Digital Asset

The digital assets of the Advanced Project consist of the AUC Token and en-Cash digital currency, which are utilized as various means of payment, remittance, and reward within the ecosystem. The AUC Token is an ERC-20 based token that is listed on global virtual asset exchanges and freely traded on the market with value volatility. Additionally, AUC tokens can be swapped with en-Cash, which efficiently promotes the popularization of services and activates the Advanced Project ecosystem. The Advanced Project's proprietary digital currency, en-Cash, is issued and managed through the digital currency management system of the AUC ecosystem and is pegged 1:1 with the legal currency of South Africa, RAND(ZAR). Through this, en-Cash can be applied to actual business such as cross-border remittances and payments and can maintain stable value. The pegging of en-Cash is transparent, and the amount of RAND deposited in the escrow account and the total amount of en-Cash issued are always the same. Both AUC Token and en-Cash can be utilized by partners within the AUC ecosystem, and indirect value transmission and conversion is possible through swapping between the two tokens.