What is Advanced Project?

AUC Project integrates blockchain and digital assets into cross-border remittance and simple payment markets for financially underprivileged people in Africa and Southeast Asia to provide payment and remittance services, cryptocurrency exchanges, and public system payment solutions.
AUC project consists of platforms such as PAYMENT/REMITTANCE, IDENTITY AUTHENTICATION, BLOCKCHAIN, and BIG DATA ANALYSIS. We are working on this project to provide a safe, fast, and accurate digital finance solution as each platform are closely related.
The digital assets of the AUC project consist of an ERC20-based AUC token and our own point system, en-Cash. AUC token is implemented on a public blockchain to ensure liquidity, reliability, stability, and transparency. Digital money, en-Cash, is off-chain and is non-variable and used by participants in the AUC ecosystem as a means of payment and cross-border remittance in real life. AUC tokens and en-Cash can be swapped on a global cryptocurrency exchange.


Cash Digitization

Cash digitization is the conversion of physical cash into electronic form, enabling secure and convenient digital transactions and payments.


Unbanked refers to individuals who do not have access to traditional banking services, such as bank accounts or financial institutions.


Diaspora refers to the dispersion or scattering of a particular group of people from their original homeland to various locations around the world. It typically involves individuals or communities migrating or being forced to leave their home country and settling in different countries or regions.
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