AUC Tokenomics

Token Information

Token name
AUC token
Total supply
6,000,000,000 AUC

AUC Distribution

  • Marketing: This portion will be reserved for future ecosystem development, including social media marketing, and community events.
  • Operation: Quantity allocated to operations such as operation and development costs to enhance the value of AUC tokens.
  • Market Liquidity: The Quantity that is designed to provide liquidity, which the market lacks. 100% unlocked at listing.
  • Ecosystem: It is used to reward users for their contribution to major blockchain services that can be linked to the Advanced project’s dApp.
  • Team & Advisors: Compensate the core team who developed the platform and its infrastructures and strategic advisors to the protocol.
  • Partnership: Will be conditionally distributed based on the achievement of a particular milestone.
  • Reserve: Tokens reserved for future growth capital rounds, community grants, network growth, partnerships, liquidity provisioning, etc. Vesting is to be decided at the time of distribution and based on the nature of usage and it will unlock after the announcement on the Foundation’s official GitHub and Medium.

AUC Vesting Periods

AUC Token Release Schedule

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